7 Day Juice Challenge + free wall planner (eng.)
7 Day Juice Challenge + free wall planner (eng.)
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Jason Valen suunnittelema kovan tason laihdutusohjelma, joka on erittäin motivoiva je tehty mahdollisimman helpoksi noudattaa. Mukana mehustusohjelman lisäksi yksinkertainen liikuntaohjelma.

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Jason has designed a highly motivational and hard-hitting programme for effective, speedy weight loss. The 7-Day Juice Diet is part of Jason Vales best selling ‘7lbs in 7 Days’* book and can help you get in shape super-fast. With Jason’s simple diet and exercise programme combined with his inspirational message, you will hopefully not only lose weight, but see higher energy levels, clearer skin and be set free from the dieting trap forever*. The bonus FREE DVD works hand in hand with the ‘7lbs in 7 Days’* book. Jason sets out to help you discover how to lose weight, improve your health, vitality and feel great, but most importantly, learn to deal with the psychological aspects of giving up bad foods and old unhealthy habits, helping you change your lifestyle for the better, forever!*

7lbs in 7 Days* Book Includes:

  • Introduction: Juicing Changed My Life!
  • Totally Juiced in Just 7 Days!
  • Phase 1: The 7-Day Juice Diet Plan.
  • Phase 2: The Turbo-Charge Plan.
  • Phase 3: The Juicy Lifestyle.


  • Paperback.
  • 124 pages.

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